Teater Epik Vol.5. wow :)


TARAKSA ! yap, it was the title of this teater Epik vol.5. taking fantasy love as a theme, TARAKSA is successfully create amazing experience for its audience that come and watch this teater.  this teater was held for two days, and I chose 26th – 27th February to come to this event. I watched this teater with mu boyfriend, and my friends.
IMG_1717actually, I am a kind of girl that is not interested in watching a theater, but while I watched this theater, I changed my mind up. yes I love to watch theater.

IMG_1721 when the audience first come to the studio theater, we are welcomed by the actress and actor from TARAKSA show. they acted as they part of the show. here are some pictures along the the theater show:





I’m sure that all the actress and the actor that took role in the show has been practice for a long time, their acting was so great. for some actor and actress are my friends too, and I could see the different him/her while in the theater stage. and for the next time, Teater Epik will be the theater that most awaited for bandung people. yeay 🙂

Brightspot Market 2013 :)


it was the first time for me to visit Brighspot Event that held in 14th February till 17th February, even this event already held for fourth times, only this year I had an opportunity to visit this event. yeay 🙂

IMG_1507I chose saturday to visit, the place was so crowded. when i walking around, I met some of friends that come to this event too. oh I forgot to mention something. this event is held in Grand Indonesia. I went to BrightSpot with my boyfriend. but while we are in the location of Brightspot, we separated to look for something that attracts me or him. yes, there is famous brands, good designer, and creative business in this event.


what I like most in this event i could meet and see directly my favorite accessories brand, and i picked up one. and it was so unfortunately  because there was many interesting brand that attracts me to come to the stand, but it was hard for me to come in because of the crowded. not only that, the crowded place makes me and my boyfriend to not stand for a long time to enjoy the event.


But, overall, this event was so awesome. the mostly visitors are youth. yes, for you young people looking for some great things, do not ever miss this event. i’m sure this event will be held for more in the next year, at least, you ever come here once, guys ! hihihihi

that’s all for me:)



what is your business idea ?

are you interested in business ? yes, I am. it might be the answer that i said if somebody asked me that question. business is a world of uncertainty you may get success, and you may failed too. if we can see now, everything in our life could be a part of business, repeat: everything. business world is not only limited to fashion area, culinary, electronic, publishing, or anything that we can see easily in our eyes. do you ever think out of the box to think about great business idea that can produce the benefit for many people? #throwback to 2011, we looked 10 brilliant business idea that happened in that year (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1847-45-business-ideas-loved-2011.html):

1.tablet app development


2. memory organizer


3. online video production


4. resale retail

The recent recession forced many Americans to adopt thrifty shopping habits, including hunting for everything from clothes and house wares to sporting goods and antiques at thrift stores

5. home day care


6. pet sitter


7. virtual assisstant

Many companies let go of their full time administrative assistants during the recession. Now, they need help, but can’t afford a full time person. If you’ve got a background in administrative work but want to work for yourself, this might be a perfect time to break out on your own. Virtual assistants work remotely and do all the things a business owner or manager doesn’t have time to do, such as open and answer emails, follow up with customers, invoice customers or pay bil

8. translator


9. social media consultant


10. app designer

Research continues to prove that mobile apps or mobile Web browsers are a must for businesses of all kinds. But most don’t have the in-house teams to create them. Smaller companies also don’t have the budget to hire an expensive firm to create their apps. An app designer could specialize in creating apps for one or two industries and build a strong following.

it’s just only 10 in 45 business idea that shared in that website. so, what is your business idea? now its 2013 and there must be many great business idea while the living pattern of our life has changed, find the opportunities and create the demand. it’s your time guys 🙂

Fashion won’t stop


who loves fashion ?

if that question is asked to young female, probably most of them will automatically says yes, included myself 🙂 no only to a female, but also nowadays male also like to search about news and update about fashion. yap. fashion can not be separated to our daily life. every day we are wearing clothes to cover our body, right?. psychologically, people would think in their mind about what they want to wear today to make them looks good, moreover to become more confidence to meet up with other people. talking about fashion would be a loooong story. the development of fashion industry has become wider all over the world from its model, material, pattern, and function. me, as a college student living in Bandung, fashion industry is becoming one of major creative economy in this city.

now we are getting more specific to review an awesome blog that talking about fashion trend! it is: http://www.trendstop.com, an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London, internationally renowned for its directional trend analysis and forecasts. Clients choose trendstop for its expertise in accurately predicting fashion and lifestyle trends from season to season, and for our ability to help the clients easily see how trends can be translated into clients own designs and creations.it is really cool right. now, for them who want to know about fashion trend and the prediction about future trend will suggested to browse and open this website every time. eits, you also can create your account in this website. 

trendstop.com offer detail information about fashion trend for woman and man’s trends. you can look for anything such as trend forecast, color prediction, materials&textures, print&graphics, catwalk analysis, global retail trends, trade show, global street style, silhouettes&detailing, denim forecast, essential accessories, footwear focus, and beauty grooming.

color prediction

some offering also you can get from this website, such as: trend reports, trendstop live, mobile&table apps, and trend consultacy. but not all the contents you can open or read directly, some offer are asking you to create an account in this website, upgrade, and buy or pay the contents. so you can see all the news. hehe 🙂 any other you need from fashion trends?

trends = you need to know

www. jwtintelligence.com

what is trend ?

a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time, represented by a line or curve on a graph.

yap. knowing trends is something you need to know. especially in business and economic world, knowing trends is becoming a part to enlarge your view of what’s is going on in the out there. off course, when talking about trends, you have to see all around the world. this website: http://www.jwtintelligence.com/ is talking about trends report in 2013. its tagline: “converting cultural shifts into opportunities” is simply but so meaningful. knowing trends could give you a new information and give you opportunities to make new innovation and new creative way to meet the customer needs.

in this website, it provides you many kinds of information of trend in a broad range of macro trends affecting the businesses and customer alike. you can’t directly open all the information in this website, surely first you need to download it. so you need to fill the information questions asked by the owner of this website.

Online Marketing Blog

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.56.06 PM

Marketing, could be said like something, information, way, activity, one blood that can not be separated from the business world. the definition of marketing itself is the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service, includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. so it can be said the successful of the business is based on the marketing strategy that they adapt to meet the customer. i am one of many college students that took marketing as my major, for me, marketing is very unique and interested. why ? you can see that there are many success business/company in out there, but between a company A and a company B or with the company C, might be implemented a different way in marketing strategy. so i can be brave to say that marketing is abstract, you must know where you are, who is your target, whom you are working with, and one important thing, what you have as your product or service. and off course it may be different in each business area. you must deal of the condition.

for this time, i concentrate to talk about online marketing. for some companies, they have implemented this way to get closer to its customer and share information faster and cheaper. one famous way to in online marketing is the used of social media such as facebook, twitter, and youtube. in http://www.toprank.com, you might find many information about online marketing hype nowadays. it mores like how you manage you online marketing in order to increase your income and gain customer attraction. the founder of this website, Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement. they categorized the reader to read this blog by the categories of marketing activities such as B2B (business to business) activity, B2C (Business to customer), blog marketing, brand management, online public relations, and many more. take one example of youtube, how company can use this kind of social media to gain customer attention. youtube contains video, if company could make interesting video, the information that the company wants to deliver, will be deliver easily and fast to the customer.

the used of social media nowadays is increased everyday, so online marketing becoming might become an essential part for some business world. but you still need to learn how to manage it and how you can differentiate your online marketing with another company that use online marketing too. there must be something really attractive to your target market. so like i said before, you must very critical about something that called marketing. be passionate and be success 🙂


enhance your creativity and your carreer :)

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.41.03 PM

“There are hundreds of design blogs online. I have thoughtfully chosen over 80 of my absolute favorites for this must-read list and have categorized them for easy navigation. “

yap. those quotes I got from this website: http://www.creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs/. the owner of this website is Manda Szewczyk (formerly Manda Satkoski) who has worked in the design industry for over 12 years. she tells you about 80 website that inspire you and give you advise about how you design your blogs or anything that related to your design to make you become more creative and wonderful. is it cool right ? i can’t stand to open one by one of the website, it must be really cool. some of the website are: youthedesigner, webdesigner depot, myinkblog.com, web designer wall, web design ledger, design reviver, vandelay design, fuel your creativity, graphic design blog, and many more. so how ? from its title, it makes me curious. in each website not give you the same information, but everything about design, such as graphic design, blog design, poster design, and inspiration to make an advertising. waw ! :0

you don’t have to be afraid of losing inspiration when making a design, you can take a look for 80 website which can give you many different insight about how to design something. if you can’t afford to make a amazing design cause creativeopera.com provide you the tutorial to add your knowledge and inspiration to your design. in creativeopera.com you can also see the news/events that realted to design and creativity, so you won’t miss the time to see look what’s happening now, yihhaaa 😀

just remember guys, your life will be so meaningful and colourful if you can enhance your creativity every day. i don’t suggest you to open all the website in one time or one day. just enjoy it every day and practice it in your real life if you really concern about design.