This is my first blog. In this first blog, I’m gonna review about This blog is awesome. When I first open this blog, it showed me many square shapes like flipcards that indicate the title of each blog, so you can easily to see the title of the blog without scrolling down the page, such a creative way I think. Overall is a blog that tells you about designs – inspirations – innovation as a packaged as Trend Insights that is happening now, those three words are stated in the front line of the blog 🙂 classified the blog into five ways to read the blog:  Classic, Flipcards, Magazines, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide.  When we first open the blog, you see as the flipcards way.  But if you choose classic, it will give a longer view of each title of the blog or entire of the blog not only the title, and you can easily to put your comment or see the previous comment that other people post to  the blog that written by the blogger. In magazine way, it showed you only a title of the blog and little information of a certain blog, so you have to click of the title to see the entire blog or the content of the blog and off course, it was like a magazine view, with the date of the blog was posted. In mosaic way, it is like a mosaic (off course), similar to flipcards, the differences in mosaic way is each title does not have the same shape to other title of the blog. What about sidebar way? in this way, you can see the title of each blog in the left side of your monitor, and the right side will show you the content. So you can choose the title you want to read but can still read the other titles. In snapshot way, all you see is the picture in each blog, I guess that picture could attract people to read a certain blog, the more interesting the picture is, the more interesting and curious you are to read the blog. The last way is Timeslide, and I’m little bit confused when I looked in Timeslide way, yes it shows you the date of the blog was written, but still give you another title of the blog with has no relation to a certain blog (??).
It is just about the ways you read the blog, even I seldom to read people’s blog, but this is interesting for me to see the blog, the common blog that I ever seen is classified only by the date and the categories of the blog, and did not forget for this thing by classified into: recent – date – label – author for each blog. And when we are talking about the content about this blog I found many new information and new insight about Trends. Here some:

if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business,

– fabulous store design

– takeaway pacakaging

– starbucks mooncake

– 55 Blair road Singapore

-World’s largest vending machine

And many interesting more 🙂

One more thing, when we first open, you can’t see directly information about trendinsight (title of this entire blog).  You have to move your mouse to left side so that bring out new bar of: about me – readers – lables – blog archive – Subscribed.

Keep reading to will give you a new insight of thinking out of the box about something that are familiar to your life, in design inspiration, art, and technology. So, are you curious about that? Just go directly open this blog ->

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