review: 30 Big Ideas, Trends, and prediction for 2012

there are some new big ideas, trends, and prediction for 2012.

  1. Gesture-recognition technology
  2. No boundaries
  3. Cyberinsurance
  4. Proximity-based social network
  5. Public – Private partnership
  6. Business Roll-ups
  7. Strategic Technology consulting
  8. Local and mobile search
  9. Social Media for Hiring
  10. Outsourcing IT function
  11. Personalized business software
  12. Increased franchising
  13. Reputation reviews for business services
  14. The deals space will continue to expand
  15. Mobile learning
  16. Group incentivization
  17. Chinese companies will become a force in global market
  18. understanding chatter
  19. More ad measurement
  20. Expense management in mobile application
  21. “bolt-on” acquisitions
  22. Navigate the web use voice command
  23. Consumer products and technology
  24. Innovative workspace service
  25. friction-free mobile-device management
  26. customized enterprise application stores
  27. Disintegration of channel
  28. Cloud-based documents and information resources
  29. Digital Coupon Book
  30. the small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online

from those30 ideas that stated from small business owners nation-wide, I will not explain one by one. I pick four from above that interested for me as the best idea and trends in 2012.  And take a look of the pictures 🙂

  1. Gesture recognition technology

One way gesture recognition is being used is to help the physically impaired to interact with computers, such as interpreting sign language. The technology also has the potential to change the way users interact with computers by eliminating input devices such as joysticks, mice and keyboards and allowing the unencumbered body to give signals to the computer through gestures such as finger pointing (

gesture    2. Proximity-based social network

Proximity-based social networks will allow us to identify like-minded individuals who are near you. As you ride a bus or attend a seminar, our smart phone will identify individuals nearby, we should probably know. In apple and android now, this application has been launched as named ‘color’. The Ios user and android user could try this application.


    3. Social Media for Hiring

Social media and recruiting is top of mind for many recruiters and hr managers, and for good reason. Learn why some employers are blocking social media at work, while others are busy creating social media employee guidelines. Some are finding social media useful for employee engagement and employee management. Remember that social media can be a useful component in your recruiting and hiring, but only if used properly. In the same way, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be useful tools for recruiting and hiring.

4. Chinese companies will become a force in global market

Firms in industry after industry will see the competitive landscape shift as Chinese companies become a force in global markets. These firms will first be seen in emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa, but shortly thereafter will begin to compete in the developed-country markets of North America and Europe. A common characteristic of these new competitors from China is their ability to offer “almost-as-good products at a very attractive price point,” reflecting their fast-follower and fast-learner competencies

Overall the all the ideas trends actually has been introduced before 2012, only small group or certain country that knew and applied those kind of technology or trends. Especially in Indonesia, those 28 ideas and trends are not becoming “trend” significantly, only few. But now, 2012 has already pass, technology will continue to grow and developed. The business owners should more put their point to many kinds of trends that might help their business to grow, up to date, and sustained. Just wait and see what another cool trend in this year, 2013 🙂


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