In this blog, I’m gonna review about the creative, when first I open this website, I go to ‘about’ options to know what is actually this blog about. Then I get: creative generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. Completely random and updated regurarly, inspiration drawn from – and relevant to the largest creative world. Founded in 2002 by Steve Hardy, a creative generalist in Montreal.


Then I a little bit curious about what does the word of ‘generalist’ mean, then I search into another source from Generalist is actually a person whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applies to a field as a whole or to variety to different fields (opposed to specialist).  But in this website, we will be introduced and get information about creative generalist.

What you can do and see on this site?

  1. Read  a daily ephemeral collection of news, opinion, and inspirations from around the World Wide Web, curated by the @generalists list tweets
  2. Society of creative generalist: an outpost from curious divergent thinkers who appreciate diversity broad thinking, widely inspired ideas, and addressing issues globally.
  3. The ecletic Curiosity interviews: a wide ranging Q-A series with some incredibly bright people with exciting stories to tell and wisdom to share.

The words that I get from specially generalist do:

  • wander & wonder – finding possibility
  • Synthesize & Summarizepresenting information
  • Link & Leapgenerating ideas
  • Mix & Matchconnecting people
  • Experience & Empathize – understanding worldview

The contents:

From this site I got new insight about generalist. From the overview, we can see that everything comes from the idea, but still many of us forget this essential thing. as stated, ‘Ideas are the product of divergent thinking, lateral steps and questions dealing with completely unrelated notions. Seldom pure, and often appearing out of nowhere, ideas come from a kaleidoscopic grab bag of other ideas—whether ancient, recent, calculated or silly’

Words that I get as my conclusion:

” Generalists are very good at introducing strangers to one another. Generalists are keen observers and natural matchmakers. They explore possibilities (in the broadest sense), connect the dots, distill complex information down to relevant summary, and remind us of context and even humanity. For these reasons and others, generalists are in increasingly high demand in today’s companies, non-profit organizations, universities, governments, and institutions.”

We must actively seek out fragments of possibility, information, ideas, expertise and worldview from their many scattered sources and try to put them together sensibly and productively. A generalist understanding of factors once believed too remote to consider is already an essential activity

One more interesting thing:

You can get inspiration from bookshelf option to see more about inspirational books from the around the world author.


that’s all from me. thank you 🙂

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