Enhance Creativity in School Children

Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few. Research has shown that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. The traditional education model has been criticized as hampering this type of thought. However, these characteristics will serve students well from their formative years all the way through completing a digital arts program. If you are a teacher, there are lots of activities you can do and strategies you can adopt to get the creative juices flowing

Word Games

Word games are a great way to encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and establish relationships between different words


Visual thinking Games

Games that employ the use of visual thinking are great because they encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively. Show the children an abstract image and ask them to tell you what they see, what the image looks like to them


Drawing Games

Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity.

dot to dot

i have another games that could enhance creativity for children, it isn’t noted from the blog i reviewed (creativeoverflow.net) . that is a video games. the information that i got, when researchers asked 491 10-year-olds in Michigan to test their creative thinking skills by commenting on a drawing and were then asked about their usage of various forms of information technology. The level of creativity was determined by how much a student expanded on a drawing or idea presented to them. According to the study, there was a correlation between video game usage and creativity across all races and gender.

video games

but i think too much video game might give the negative effect to the children. hehe

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