enhance your creativity and your carreer :)

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“There are hundreds of design blogs online. I have thoughtfully chosen over 80 of my absolute favorites for this must-read list and have categorized them for easy navigation. “

yap. those quotes I got from this website: http://www.creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs/. the owner of this website is Manda Szewczyk (formerly Manda Satkoski) who has worked in the design industry for over 12 years. she tells you about 80 website that inspire you and give you advise about how you design your blogs or anything that related to your design to make you become more creative and wonderful. is it cool right ? i can’t stand to open one by one of the website, it must be really cool. some of the website are: youthedesigner, webdesigner depot, myinkblog.com, web designer wall, web design ledger, design reviver, vandelay design, fuel your creativity, graphic design blog, and many more. so how ? from its title, it makes me curious. in each website not give you the same information, but everything about design, such as graphic design, blog design, poster design, and inspiration to make an advertising. waw ! :0

you don’t have to be afraid of losing inspiration when making a design, you can take a look for 80 website which can give you many different insight about how to design something. if you can’t afford to make a amazing design cause creativeopera.com provide you the tutorial to add your knowledge and inspiration to your design. in creativeopera.com you can also see the news/events that realted to design and creativity, so you won’t miss the time to see look what’s happening now, yihhaaa 😀

just remember guys, your life will be so meaningful and colourful if you can enhance your creativity every day. i don’t suggest you to open all the website in one time or one day. just enjoy it every day and practice it in your real life if you really concern about design.

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