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Marketing, could be said like something, information, way, activity, one blood that can not be separated from the business world. the definition of marketing itself is the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service, includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. so it can be said the successful of the business is based on the marketing strategy that they adapt to meet the customer. i am one of many college students that took marketing as my major, for me, marketing is very unique and interested. why ? you can see that there are many success business/company in out there, but between a company A and a company B or with the company C, might be implemented a different way in marketing strategy. so i can be brave to say that marketing is abstract, you must know where you are, who is your target, whom you are working with, and one important thing, what you have as your product or service. and off course it may be different in each business area. you must deal of the condition.

for this time, i concentrate to talk about online marketing. for some companies, they have implemented this way to get closer to its customer and share information faster and cheaper. one famous way to in online marketing is the used of social media such as facebook, twitter, and youtube. in, you might find many information about online marketing hype nowadays. it mores like how you manage you online marketing in order to increase your income and gain customer attraction. the founder of this website, Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement. they categorized the reader to read this blog by the categories of marketing activities such as B2B (business to business) activity, B2C (Business to customer), blog marketing, brand management, online public relations, and many more. take one example of youtube, how company can use this kind of social media to gain customer attention. youtube contains video, if company could make interesting video, the information that the company wants to deliver, will be deliver easily and fast to the customer.

the used of social media nowadays is increased everyday, so online marketing becoming might become an essential part for some business world. but you still need to learn how to manage it and how you can differentiate your online marketing with another company that use online marketing too. there must be something really attractive to your target market. so like i said before, you must very critical about something that called marketing. be passionate and be success 🙂


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