Fashion won’t stop

who loves fashion ?

if that question is asked to young female, probably most of them will automatically says yes, included myself 🙂 no only to a female, but also nowadays male also like to search about news and update about fashion. yap. fashion can not be separated to our daily life. every day we are wearing clothes to cover our body, right?. psychologically, people would think in their mind about what they want to wear today to make them looks good, moreover to become more confidence to meet up with other people. talking about fashion would be a loooong story. the development of fashion industry has become wider all over the world from its model, material, pattern, and function. me, as a college student living in Bandung, fashion industry is becoming one of major creative economy in this city.

now we are getting more specific to review an awesome blog that talking about fashion trend! it is:, an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London, internationally renowned for its directional trend analysis and forecasts. Clients choose trendstop for its expertise in accurately predicting fashion and lifestyle trends from season to season, and for our ability to help the clients easily see how trends can be translated into clients own designs and is really cool right. now, for them who want to know about fashion trend and the prediction about future trend will suggested to browse and open this website every time. eits, you also can create your account in this website. offer detail information about fashion trend for woman and man’s trends. you can look for anything such as trend forecast, color prediction, materials&textures, print&graphics, catwalk analysis, global retail trends, trade show, global street style, silhouettes&detailing, denim forecast, essential accessories, footwear focus, and beauty grooming.

color prediction

some offering also you can get from this website, such as: trend reports, trendstop live, mobile&table apps, and trend consultacy. but not all the contents you can open or read directly, some offer are asking you to create an account in this website, upgrade, and buy or pay the contents. so you can see all the news. hehe 🙂 any other you need from fashion trends?

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