what is your business idea ?

are you interested in business ? yes, I am. it might be the answer that i said if somebody asked me that question. business is a world of uncertainty you may get success, and you may failed too. if we can see now, everything in our life could be a part of business, repeat: everything. business world is not only limited to fashion area, culinary, electronic, publishing, or anything that we can see easily in our eyes. do you ever think out of the box to think about great business idea that can produce the benefit for many people? #throwback to 2011, we looked 10 brilliant business idea that happened in that year (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1847-45-business-ideas-loved-2011.html):

1.tablet app development


2. memory organizer


3. online video production


4. resale retail

The recent recession forced many Americans to adopt thrifty shopping habits, including hunting for everything from clothes and house wares to sporting goods and antiques at thrift stores

5. home day care


6. pet sitter


7. virtual assisstant

Many companies let go of their full time administrative assistants during the recession. Now, they need help, but can’t afford a full time person. If you’ve got a background in administrative work but want to work for yourself, this might be a perfect time to break out on your own. Virtual assistants work remotely and do all the things a business owner or manager doesn’t have time to do, such as open and answer emails, follow up with customers, invoice customers or pay bil

8. translator


9. social media consultant


10. app designer

Research continues to prove that mobile apps or mobile Web browsers are a must for businesses of all kinds. But most don’t have the in-house teams to create them. Smaller companies also don’t have the budget to hire an expensive firm to create their apps. An app designer could specialize in creating apps for one or two industries and build a strong following.

it’s just only 10 in 45 business idea that shared in that website. so, what is your business idea? now its 2013 and there must be many great business idea while the living pattern of our life has changed, find the opportunities and create the demand. it’s your time guys 🙂


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