Teater Epik Vol.5. wow :)


TARAKSA ! yap, it was the title of this teater Epik vol.5. taking fantasy love as a theme, TARAKSA is successfully create amazing experience for its audience that come and watch this teater.  this teater was held for two days, and I chose 26th – 27th February to come to this event. I watched this teater with mu boyfriend, and my friends.
IMG_1717actually, I am a kind of girl that is not interested in watching a theater, but while I watched this theater, I changed my mind up. yes I love to watch theater.

IMG_1721 when the audience first come to the studio theater, we are welcomed by the actress and actor from TARAKSA show. they acted as they part of the show. here are some pictures along the the theater show:





I’m sure that all the actress and the actor that took role in the show has been practice for a long time, their acting was so great. for some actor and actress are my friends too, and I could see the different him/her while in the theater stage. and for the next time, Teater Epik will be the theater that most awaited for bandung people. yeay 🙂

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